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Because LOTUS® is comprised of a unique combination of classics and novelties. And now, in just a few details, we’ll tell you about it.
9 stories from the creators of LOTUS

The combination of reliable and time-tested shell and tube heat exchanger designs with the unique technical solutions for intensification of process of heat transfer is making LOTUS® reliable and efficient over a long period of operation. Currently, our own developments do not have analogues in the world. This allows us to say with confidence:
LOTUS® is all about the best exchangers in the world!

Implementing the essential features of the interaction of the fundamental laws of hydrodynamics and thermal technology we ensure maximum efficiency of every square inch of the heat exchange surface of the LOTUS®. This allows us decrease the usage of metal in the heat exchangers for up to 1.5–2.0 times.

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The creation of LOTUS® history

How scientific discoveries of the 20th century become the technological breakthroughs of the XXI century.
The creation of LOTUS history.

We are grateful to the research and development of Soviet and Russian scientists in the field of hydrodynamics and heat engineering. This allows our company to confidently compete with all global companies in the field of individual design of heat transfer equipment and to offer intensive heat exchangers, which we lovingly called LOTUS®.

50-70 years
Famous Soviet scientists conducting a global study in the field of Aero-and hydrodynamics (I. E., Idelchik) heat engineering (M. A. Mikheyev, S. S. Kutateladze).

70-90 years
Scientists of UNIKHIM, combining and coordinating the research results revealed the influence of Aero-and hydrodynamics on the thermal performance, thereby creating the first heat exchangers, which were able to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces throughout the service.

Start of serial production of intensive heat exchangers, guaranteeing the results of thermal regimes and cleanliness of heat exchange surfaces throughout the entire service life.

Registration of the trademark LOTUS® to facilitate the sales of Russian intensive heat exchangers worldwide.

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The most environmentally friendly heat exchangers in the World.

According to the laws of fluid dynamics when working with any media, there is always one particular hydrodynamic mode of medium motion in a confined space in which heat exchange surface always remains ultimately clean and as a result super effective for the entire lifetime of the device.
Re = V·d/v

The individual solution of this equation is the key to success.

Professionalism is all about this: To achieve such a structure so as to create the necessary and sufficient mode of motion of the medium in the pipe and in the inter-tubular spaces of devices that would enable you to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces for sufficiently longer periods of operation.

In the inter-tubular space LOTUS® heat exchangers implemented the model of ideal displacement without the absence of dead zones.

In the LOTUS® tube space heat exchangers we have implemented a model of an ideal distribution medium for the heat exchange tubes.

This makes the LOTUS® heat exchangers devices the cleanest in the world!

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Individual approach

The Unique thermal engineering pieces of art from LOTUS®!
50% less

Due to their effectiveness, LOTUS® devices are always more compact than heat exchangers of standard designs.

The supply of LOTUS® heat exchangers should not be compared to the supply of conventional heat exchangers. LOTUS® heat exchangers always means a flow of creative energy exhibited by our engineers in cooperation with representatives of Customers, Designers and Licensors. LOTUS® unique design was born from the needs of professionals wishing to have the best solutions for their unique thermal challenges.

Finally, after hundreds of successful implementations we considered it our duty to spread the world to the rest of the World about modern scientific developments in the field of thermal technology, which can significantly reduce the specific metal content of projects and the subsequent unit costs of existing facilities.

We want modern inventions become available and socially significant for our country and for the world community as a whole.

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Bringing LOTUS® to the World

Hundreds of individually designed LOTUS® heat exchangers are already working across all Russia and CIS! Hundreds of tailor made heat exchangers continue generating profit to their owners!

Hundreds of individually crafted LOTUS® heat exchangers are produced each year! And we are sure that right now, thousands of LOTUS® individually crafted heat exchangers are awaiting their happy customers across the whole World! They just don’t know about it yet. But, don’t worry we will come to all of you very soon, our dear consumers of heat-exchanging equipment. We will come not with empty hands but with the laws of heat transfer and will save you from ineffective traditional heat exchanging equipment.

The stories of unique individually crafted heat exchangers.

We have designed, supplied and launched hundreds of highly effective heat exchangers and they all are unique. Just to give you some idea, three of them we describe below.

Double casing «Superhero»
for Gazprom Refinery.

The uniqueness of this exchanger, in addition to his immense size, also lies in the fact that when it was designed, we took into account several following challenging tasks:

  1. high working temperature: 535˚С;
  2. the Seismicity of 8 points on a scale of Mercalli;
  3. implementation of full countercurrent in design with a floating head;
  4. rotary cap on the fitting at high loads on the nozzles.

640 points of supply of medium to the tube plate

Our so-called kettle «Titan» was created by us for LUKOIL has a unique design in the entrance chamber. For the even distribution of the medium in the heat exchange tubes of the boiler we have applied a dispenser «1-640», which has 640 points of supply of medium to the tube plate. This allows him to effectively vaporize the propane fraction in the tube space, while condensing propylene fraction in the annulus at very low temperature and pressure.

«Small but effective»

In 2013, we have supplied to ROSNEFT refinery with a titanium heater solution for nitrate salts. This heat exchanger is the lightest in the line of LOTUS®, weighing only 85 kg. This «baby» ensures an uninterrupted operation of the isomerization unit of the catalytic reforming unit operating with high salt solution 8670 hours per year without stopping for repairs.

LOTUS® Chief Designer
Pavel Kostin

All LOTUS® heat exchangers are designed for specific heat exchanging challenges of our Customers, using the fundamental laws of hydrodynamics and heat technology that ensures exceptional reliability and performance for a long period of operation.

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Exclusivity as our default feature

Exclusivity is always a distinctive feature of LOTUS®.
41 services are free in Lotus...

The world’s largest set of services provided free of charge!

Each heat exchanger is designed individually for the specific technological tasks of the customers by highly qualified engineers, each heat exchanger is manufactured taking into account the specific wishes of the customers and the highest quality requirements.

This masterpiece radiates calmness and reliability. These are the features that LOTUS® heat exchangers are manifesting when at work.

We are confident about the future. Continuous work on improving the design of LOTUS® shell and tube heat exchangers has become obvious for many years. New inventions greatly improve the reliability of equipment and its performance characteristics.

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Do you still think that we are producing heat exchangers?
>500 decisions per year

Our team implements more than 500 individual heat engineering solutions per year!

In fact not really. Instead, in our company we educate high-class people, creating from them a first-class team, and then they are creating hi-end heat exchangers!

have created all the conditions for the highly qualified engineers so that they in its turn would provide continuous technical solutions aimed at an even more profound improvement of performance and reliability produced by our company heat exchangers LOTUS®.

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Quality assurance system

The steady improvement and growth of the efficiency of our customers is the main criterion of our success.

The production and products of LOTUS® meet the basic world quality standards


We never compromise between quality and cost. We always use the best materials and the best solutions in all spheres of its activities. We produce equipment of the highest quality at the best prices. And our long-term practice has shown that this is reasonable and is required by modern Customers.

The quality management system is certified for compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008).

Products meet the requirements of technical regulations of the customs Union TR CU 010/2011 TR CU 032/2013 and has the corresponding certificate and Declaration of conformity.

Design and development of design documentation is conducted in accordance with domestic and foreign standards.

We are trained CIS ASME TUV Thuringen Group design according to ASME Sec BPVCode.VIII Div.1 and have the corresponding certificate. Products can be produced according to ASME Sec BPVCode.VIII Div.1 with the mark «U».

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Phenomenal reliability

The easiest way to avoid a weak link in the processing chain is to buy the best on the market.

Almost all our Customers complain to us about the situation when they have a multi-billion dollar installation at their premises, however it cannot work up to its full capacity due to a fact that there a few pieces of heat exchanging equipment in there, which do not perform properly. And the losses from plant downtime or the level of quality of the work would significantly exceed the cost of these heat exchangers herein.

This is why we provide two types of warranty on heat exchangers LOTUS®:
— a manufacturing warranty to guarantee first class production;
— a performance warranty, to guarantee your results in terms of maintaining constant regimes of technological regimes along the time of usage.

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World premiere!

We have something that this World is needing so much!

We really love what we do, we love our customers who surround. We give them the best that we have! This special mood has allowed us to take a leading position in Russia for the supply of custom-engineered shell and tube heat exchangers. And we are confident that this mood will allow us to take a leading place in the World. And we have everything you need: favourite team, favourite job, favourite Customers, whose with the help of their non-trivial thermal engineering tasks help us make the world’s best heat exchangers, called LOTUS®.

So, go ahead and get something valuable for yourself, which has been made with love and care!